One Day Give is an online-based fundraising event at Millersville University that encourages alumni and friends to donate funds to a program of their choosing. Whether it's a certain college or athletic team donations are made to improve student opportunities.
I was tasked with creating an animated advertisement that would be posted the day before the event. Over the course of a month prior to the event, I developed the video you see to the left. The idea of hearts falling represented donators giving to the campus. As the video goes on, distinct buildings from campus are shown. 
A year later, One Day Give came around again and I was asked to make a new and improved animation. They didn't want too much to change since the prior video was a hit. However, they did want me to swap out some buildings for others, and to include the campus pond and its swans. 
To change it up, I made a subtle silhouette cityscape to add depth to the background. And more noticeably, I created piles of hearts on the buildings, implying more hearts have landed since last year. 

Software: After Effects, Illustrator

Project Development
After talking with the project manager, I had drawn up a storyboard to pitch. The first one I drew up was approved and I began working on the digital graphics in Illustrator.

Since I was making simplified two-dimensional versions of campus buildings, I made sure to have enough of photos to use as reference. These were gathered from the marketing department's photo library as well as my own photos I took in person. 
After finishing up the building illustrations, I took all the graphics into After Effects to animate. All animation was done in vector shapes and motion tweens. 
For the day of the event, I had also made a masthead for the Millersville homepage using the building illustrations I developed.
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