I was tasked with creating an animation set to a pre-made recording about environmental benefits through changing the fashion industry. As expected, I went with a style that utilized fabric and stitching.

Software: After Effects, Illustrator
Project Development
I started with a storyboard to make sure there were strong ties between what was being shown and what was being said. For example, when the narrator says "-reach to the heart of the problem", I made a heart torn in two being stitched together. 
Next, I played around with different styles to go forward with. I used several effects in Illustrator to create my own fabric textures. After first creating a texture, I would then change the color and then use keep a folder of them to use as I created new objects for the animation. 
After the elements were finished, I began animating them in After Effects. I utilized both drop shadow and paper-fold warping effects to give them a more realistic look. 
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