With this work, I wanted to create a short 20 second ad that could play before a YouTube video. To do this, I created a mockup brand for a fictional soda, Cactus Cola. My end goal was to showcase my abilities of logo design and motion design. Throughout the animation, I wanted to make sure its fun style was engaging enough to have viewers feel how refreshing a cold soda would be on a hot day.

Software: After Effects, Illustrator

Project Development
I started the project with creating a logo and style. While making the logo, I wanted it to have that “cola-brand script” style that both Coke and Pepsi have done. I had to try a few script fonts before I found one to start from. From there, I tried different color combinations and settled with the last one shown with the cactus background.

Using pencil and paper, next, I made a storyboard to plan out the animation. I made sure to use arrows to convey the motion that I planned to incorporate into the final product.
Based on the illustrations in the storyboard, I began to create the character and other graphics in Illustrator. Creating the character and elements for the video, I wanted it to be simple and bright, having a fun style that draws the viewer in. However, the desert scene was made to look very hot and uncomfortable to give that feeling of thirst.

I drew inspiration by Coca-Cola's glass bottle shape for the Cactus Cola bottle. After browsing other vector art, I found the image on the left would work well with the style of the video. 
Once I finished the majority of the graphics, I took them into After Effects to begin animating. While working on the video, I changed a few aspects on the setting, like adding a subtle blue gradient in the sky and a ripple effect to mimic heat waves. I also used an AE plugin called "RubberHose" by Battle Axe to make the character's arms and legs look more natural.
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